Leyla has not heard from her former colleague Paula for a few days. She thought that if Paula no longer had to commute, then she would have a little more time. But something doesn't work quite well while corona home office. If Leyla doesn't hear from Paula for a long time, she already knows that it usually has something to do with her work. That's why she calls after work: 


“Oh, Leyla! Nice to have you on phone. Wait, I must log out for a moment. I already felt guilty. We are close to testing the Synapcus demo version. But due to so much stress we don't even get around to it, although yes, we know that that can save us. My boss is collecting documents like crazy and now he doesn't see a single tree for the forest. Leyla introduces herself to her former supervisor behind mountains of papers, files and apps, and grins inwardly. He has always liked to pretend that he is always in control of the situation. 


“But he could have saved himself the work and time, because our days most of the documents are already digital. Almost nothing has to be handled physically anymore! " 


Leyla really wants to make to Paula the advantages of a collaboration system like Synapcus palatable: 


“You have to imagine it like this: From now on, the Synapcus system is your shared digital desk, which you can now simply set up together for everyone and everything. Anyone can work on it and with it - no matter where and regardless of the end device and the apps used. Synapcus, with its versatile interfaces, is now the conductor of your apps-orchestra. You can send everything where it belongs to and where it is needed. Synapcus can be used to create links to other cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 or Autodesk BIM360. Everyone can find what they need thanks to its advanced search function. The user doesnt need to care about where the files are stored. His focus is solely on the project. The earlier you start, the faster you will save time and money." 


Leyla also explains her, that with the time management module tasks can easily be assign to projects, cost centers, work packages or directly to an agile activity. She is curious to see whether Paula's problem has already been solved. But she has the feeling that there is still something. 


“When you talk about saving time,” Paula asks cautiously, “is it possible to record individual working hours in addition to project time? Because right now I'm having trouble with that. " 


Paula reports that her boss has bought a time clock app. Actually, he has bought too many "cool" apps that are not integrated with each other. This new app looks great, but once it gets into the details it gets cumbersome. Since it is not integrated, various data links are missing. Leyla does not know of such problems with Synapcus as an integrated ERP system but listens carefully so that she can help her former work colleague. It is difficult for them to react to what happens spontaneously. If anybody plans something in advance, it is extremely difficult to postpone it, if something turns out differently.