The yearly sheet entity contains information about the amounts of hours planned based on the weekly work profile and those actually worked within a calendar year, including vacation and sick days and the employee's negative or positive balance.

Database level

The entity's attributes are shown below. Mandatory fields are marked with a red star:

form *StringFormRepresents the entity form. Will always be "yes".
yes_country *String
The country name as ISO code (e.g. DE, US)
yes_country_state *String
The state within a country as ISO codation composed from country and state (e.g. "DE-BW", "DE-BY")
yes_emp_unid *String
The unique ID of the parent document employment.
yes_end *Date
End date of the yearly sheet.
yes_start *Date
Start date of the yearly sheet.
yes_per_name *String
The name of the parent document person.
yes_per_unid *String
The unique ID of the parent document person.
yes_prev_yes_unid *String
The unique ID of the previous document yearly sheet.
yes_state *Number

The state of the document (e.g. 100, 200).

yes_year *Number
The year to which the yearly sheet refers. 

QEE classes level

The class representing the yearly sheet is QEEYes

Inherits from: QEEObject

REST level

The endpoints dealing with yearly sheet are: