Synapcus Application Programming Interface (API) provides the underlying framework for developing applications and custom integrations between Synapcus and other software tools and technologies. You can expand the functionality of your Synapcus account by leveraging existing integrations, or by developing new applications and customized connections yourself using the Synapcus API.

If you intend to build your own applications (or hire someone to build them for you), the Synapcus REST-API allows you to leverage Synapcus resources within the Synapcus-Cloud in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests in a RESTful architecture. The Synapcus API endpoints are intuitive and powerful, enabling you to easily make calls to retrieve information or execute actions on the various resources in Synapcus.

This public documentation contains a subset of the Synapcus end points. For a complete list of all the Synapcus end points please contact