The invoice or bill entity summerise information about a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer. The Payment terms are also stated on the invoice. 

Database level

The entity's attributes are shown below. Mandatory fields are marked with a red star:

form *StringFormRepresents the entity form. Will always be "inv".
xxx_name *StringNameThe object name
inv_account_type *  String
Represents the type of invoice for sells or purchase. (e.g. "debit", "credit")
inv_billing_type *String
Represents the type of billing. (e.g. "single", "chain")
inv_brutto_value *Number
Represent the brutto value of the object.
inv_created_from *String
Represent the parent entity type under which the invoice has been created and referenced. (e.g. "sop")
inv_creation_date *Date/Time
Represent the creation date and time of the object.
inv_date_target *Date/Time
Represent the payment target date of the object.
inv_discount_pcnt *Number
Represent the discount of the object,as default "0,00"
inv_discount_type *String
Represent the discount type of the object, as default "Null"
inv_end_date *Date/Time
Represent the due date of the object.
inv_netto_value *Number
Represent the net value of the object.
inv_nr *String

Respresents the invoice number. As default will always be "R-YYxxxx" as serial number, that automatically increments by 1 as each new record is added.  The form can be customised as per customer requirements. 

inv_open_netto_value *Number
Represent the open (not paid) net value of the object.
inv_ord_name *String
Represent the parent entity order name under which the invoice has been created and referenced. (e.g. "Order DCFSHT")
inv_ord_nr *String
Represent the parent entity order number under which the invoice has been created and referenced. (e.g. "B-0005")
inv_ord_unid *String
Represents the unique ID of the order document. 

QEE classes level

The class representing the Invoice is QEEInv

Inherits from: QEEObject

REST level

The endpoints dealing with Invoice are: