The Comment entity stores information about the smallest piece of a dialogs between participants. It can contain HTML formatting, file or image attachments.

Database level

The entity's attributes are shown below. Mandatory fields are marked with a red star:

form *StringFormRepresents the entity form. Will always be "cmt".
cmt_author_name *StringNameThe name of the person document who created the comment, composed from first name and last name (empty space in between).
cmt_author_unid *String
The unique ID of the author document.
cmt_created_from *String

The parent entity type under which the comment has been created and referenced. {e.g. sac=activity; sdoc=document}

cmt_date *Date/Time
Specifies the date and time whenthe comment has been created (e.g. "21.01.2020 19:57:24 CET").
cmt_parent_unid *String
The unique ID of the parent document.
cmt_sac_type *String
Specifies the type of the activity under which teh comment has been created. (e.g. "todo", "appt", "post").
cmt_sac_unid *String
The unique ID of the parent activity.
cmt_text *String
Specifies the comment itself as description

QEE classes level

The class representing the Comment is QEECmt

Inherits from: QEEObject

REST level

The endpoints dealing with Comment are: